Centipede Eest

Centipede Eest is a group of five musicians from Pittsburgh, PA who play hybrid rock music born of a collective and sprawling mind. Throughout the course of five years, the band have released two albums, a 12" ep, a split 7" (limited to national record store day), and have toured the US. Live shows encompass everything from instant improvisation to chaotic rock riffs, sometimes with visual accompaniment. The band have found inspiration in Lagos, Bangkok, choogle, Dusseldorf, Tokyo, the Sahara, the Sun City and everywhere in between.

Centipede Eest-Confluence Centipede Eest
100 Legs

Centipede Eest, sometimes E’est, has been performing psychedelic experiments and chooglin’ noise boogie since 2004. Centipede Eest is the difference between a professional band that throws together a...
Centipede Eest-Metal Moon Centipede Eest
Metal Moon
New Ruins

Metal Moon is a preview of their upcoming full length, Resonator, due 4/6 on New ruins. The careful listener will recognize the main riff of Metal Moon as a brief snippet from the upcoming full...
Centipede Eest-Resonator Centipede Eest
New Ruins


On their new album, Resonator, Centipede introduces the world to their true sound. Recorded by the band and engineered by multi-instrumentalist Joshua Tanzer in a relaxed setting, the line between...