Midway between a deleted scene from River's Edge and the resurrection of Frankenstein to unleash havoc upon the villagers that put him under, the Racebannon sound is one of many disparate influences that blend seamlessly into one lethal cocktail of hatred and aggression, draped in a terecloth of pure molten rock that is as unforgiving as it is pulse-quickening. Indie rock? No. Metal? No. Hardcore? No. Noise core? No. Racebannon? Yes. It really is that simple. Harsh enough for any mosh pit, yet cerebral enough for the art palate, Racebannon attack with the heave and punch the end times dictate while still keeping things fresh and original. Love or hate, there is no ignoring the 12 gauge barrage of riffs, screams, and drums.

Racebannon-Acid or Blood Racebannon
Acid or Blood


With a distinctly Midwestern work ethic, and an absolute refusal to bow down to the forces of status quo, adversity, or inferior riffage, Racebannon emerges a rawer, meaner, leaner killing machine...
Racebannon-Six Sik Sisters Racebannon
Six Sik Sisters


[RACEBANNON / Six Sik Sisters] It's been a scant 3 years since the last salvo from the Racebannon camp, Acid or Blood, but that time has not passed without vengeful fruit. Offering a...