Phil Cohran and the Artistic Heritage Ensemble
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Armageddon was conceived in 1958 and written down in 1963. After performing with Sun-Ra and benefiting from the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Phil Cohran's compositions changed decidedly, and he began to focus on cosmology and culture.
This particular performance was recorded live at the Afro Arts Theatre at 3900 S. Drexel, Chicago, IL on February 11th, 1968.

Here is how Kelan Phil Cohran explains each of his compositions on Armageddon:

THE MOTHERLESS CHILD - is one of the oldest melodies known to the human family. There is evidence that the Chinese, Peruvians, and several African cultures claim it as their own indicating that it came from an ancient time when all these nations were one. Rev. Spencer Jackson delivers the slave version of this melody and his wife, sister Ella Pearl Jackson delivers the version from ancient dust and enlightened future. Motherless Child is one of the greatest examples of cosmic language.

CREATION OF THE BEAST - in the long, long ago, a very enlightened people of a far away galaxy experimented with correcting mutational deficiencies. These experiments went awry and resulted in mental problems. The Elders recommended collecting the entire deficient breed and transplanting them in a far away galaxy. The sentinels were sent out to find a place and decided that our earth was the best candidate. So the experimental people were gathered and sent to this new home. The only problem was that the earth was closer to the sun and therefore warmer than they were accustomed to. They determined to place the colony in the mountains of earth where the temperature was more bearable and given the keys of rulership over the natives. The cosmic principal of enlightenment begins with #7. so the 7 meter was used as an indication of knowledge. The music demonstrates the cosmic order being improperly imposed on all facets of our environment.

THE WARNING - In 1945, the first atomic bomb was detonated in Hiroshima, Japan and this caught the attention of the enlightened people. Eventually, the subjugated people of earth began to explode from within and protest through various means effectively. This brought on demonstrations, rejection, and eventually riots which is the focal point of our conflict. It was determined that the experimental people had discovered ways of getting off the planet and into cosmic space. However, because they were not living according to cosmic law the sentinels were concerned that these people would disrupt the cosmic balance and affect the harmony of the cosmos - The soloists are painting musical pictures of the condition of unrest. Eugene Easton and Charles James Williams are the primary contributors.

THE WINDOW - The advanced nation who originated this problem sent the sentinels (UFO's) back to observe the condition of the experiment. What they saw were large population centers with negative influences and disruption. This brought about a very cautious approach to exercising their responsibility. They observed all of the population centers during the solstice and the equinox to see if any of the people were intelligent enough to understand the mathematics of their position in the universe. They also listened to the music to see if the people had declined or been enriched. Finally, they made the decision that the surface of the entire planet should be altered through magnetic applications of the sunspots.

The frankiphone represents time itself and the musicians interpret the various moods and concepts that developed as a result of the riots and attempts to suppress the opposition. The soloists represent the various energy fields that are produced as a result of the conflicts.

ARMAGEDDON - This act brought on unbearable climactic changes, earthquakes, and cosmic collisions. The people had to reform to the basic tenants of cosmic law for survival. Those who accepted the original concepts survived and those who continued to deteriorate were destroyed on both sides of the ledger. Therefore, those people who survived brought back peace, harmony, beauty, love and respect to the earth.