Tizona tizona014

Cody Weigel � guitar, synthesizer, vocals, drum programming, orchestration
Adam Marx � bass, vocals, drum programming, orchestration
Freddy Votel � drums, percussion
Brady Lenzen � guitar, trumpet
Mike Selle � saxophone
Dale Crover � drums
Brian Chippendale � drums

The Seawhores are always changing, working in secret to develop new songs, new multimedia experiences, new technologies and new setups. They meticulously mastermind every move, carefully planning each new metamorphosis.They have more than paid their dues by extensively touring arthouse, basement, gallery and plain old rock venues all across America with musical brethren such as The Melvins, Phantomas, Lightning Bolt, Helios Creed, Gas War,Wolf Eyes, Heroine Sheiks, Pink and Brown, Vaz and The Thrones. They have extended their DIY roots, and are trying to wake up the tired indie rock masses with their own brand of orchestral doom-pop.

Originally comprised as a hyper-efficient two-piece, Cody Weigel and Adam Marx employed a wall of unexplainable amplifiers, multimedia interfaces and proprietary devices. Always interested in redefining the traditional rock experience, they incorporated visuals and film vignettes into their performances, even using a large-screen TV in place of a real drummer. Scary, funny and irreverent, some of these visual experiments were reminiscent of early German experimentalist Otto Muhl. Forest also includes two of Minneapolis� finer musicians � Brady Lenzen and Freddy Votel (ex-Cows, TVBC) as well as Brian Chippendale (Lighting Bolt, Sightings) and Dale Crover of The Melvins!