Dead Rider (formerly D. Rider)
Mother of Curses
Tizona tizona003

Track List
1. Arranged Marriage To No Toms
2. Dew Claw Don't Claw
3. Body To Body (to Body)
4. Welcome Out
5. Dear Blocks
6. Touchy
7. The Marksman
8. Misery Whip
Is that jack-o-lantern laughing at your shirt? It is okay, the D. Rider debut album "Mother of Curses" knits your mind a sweater. Aaah, that's better, a little itchy, but you'll get used to it. Rock and roll presentation by Todd Rittmann, Andrea Faught, Noah tabakin, and a special friend. Okay virus, do your stuff.

Almost forgot to mention horseback riding on the moon with your "cool" aunt.